Your photos perfectly captured the style that drew us to your work, with both great compositions and a uniquely realistic tone.   With your excellent eye, respect for our family and friends, reliable taste and sense of humor, you brought the day into vivid relief.
– Kate

Oh my goodness!  We are so obsessed with the photos!  The are soooo beautiful!  The panoramics are stunning.   We just love absolutely everything about them!!!!  Thanks around the world and back again to you and Winslow for these memories we can have forever.
– Stacy and Nick

We could have paid Winslow and Corinne a million dollars and it wouldn’t have been enough.  Their pictures of our wedding are priceless.  They documented our day so beautifully – it’s like reliving the whole event whenever we look at the pictures.
– Lauren and Paul

Corinne and Winslow are two incredibly talented people, each with their own special skills yet who blend together in a fluid way. Having Corinne and Winslow as your photographers is truly an honor.   Being a bit of a perfectionist, I interviewed almost all of the top photographers in and around the city.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better team.  They were in large part responsible for making the planning, my actual wedding day and the memories to follow nothing short of magical.  We are so grateful to have had them.
- Kathleen, mother of bride

When we were deciding on a photographer, one of the things we loved about your work was your unique ability to capture expression, emotion, and people’s quirks – especially the quirks that weddings seem to draw out of people.  We are unbelievably thrilled, impressed and touched to see all of the qualities we love about your work in our wedding pictures.
– Nick and Yasmine  

Well, my parents went crazy.  My dad kept saying this was the best wedding album he had ever seen, and the pictures were award worthy.  My mom kept saying “unbelievable” and was crying!  She said just what I thought:  the pictures tell a story and you relive the whole day.  I wish you could have seen everyone’s reaction.  All I can say is we absolutely treasure these works of artistry and magic.
– Lauren and Dwight

Thank you for capturing the magic of our wedding day!  Your bright smile and enthusiastic spirit from the very beginning put me at ease.  More important, you put my groom at ease and allowed us to be exactly ‘us’ when shooting.  As a result, our wedding pictures are natural and loving.  Many thanks again for making our wedding a day we will never forget.            
– Tatiana and Thorne

Thanks again so much for the pictures – they are ART and they are wonderful!
– Holly

I am utterly floored at how many amazing moments you captured at our wedding.  Looking through them takes me there instantly, and the love and joy apparent in every one is almost overwhelming.  

- Becky

You kept our ship steady on what could've been a day of even more jitters and wacky wedding "stress".  I met you as I was getting the final bits and pieces together, and right away I knew I was in good hands.  Your personality alone made us both so at ease for some of the best wedding photos I've ever seen.  It was the day of a lifetime and a super fun party, and you caught it all.  

- Jeff

Your photography of the wedding is absolutely gorgeous!!  From elegant and fun to breathtaking.  There are so many great images, it's quite overwhelming.  Some of the shots are just stunning, really.  I will have a hard time choosing from all of the images of the newlyweds!!!  Thanks again for the wonderful work!!
– Maria, mother of the groom